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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  October 26, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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feelings. >> reporter: tonight on news 4 at lec11:00, we take you insidee phone to look at the hidden app to hide the pictures once taken. for now, scott maacfarlane, new 4 i-team. >> "news4 today" starts now. >> right now at 5:00 a.m., a chilly start. temperatures in the 40s to start your thursday. how much warmer will it get? we'll have the storm team 4 forecast. >> plus, sexual assault along a popular jogging trail. an exclusive update about the man police are calling a person of interest. >> he's actually a quiet guy. i didn't know he was that much of a hero. >> new details about the shooting and chase that led to a college campus lockdown. we're learning why the victims may have been targeted. first, good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. we're going to get back to the
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the door with a look at your commute. welcome back, melissa. >> i am. i'm hanging on for dear life. i spoke with my husband. >> he's awake? >> he's awake at this hour. >> she's adorable. so nice to be home all that time with them. i know, i need to be back here. they're probably a little over me. >> never. >> precious. >> we're so happy you're back. >> i know it's hard for you and the time went by. we're like every single minute. >> we'll let you leave as soon as we can. >> we like jack taylor. >> it's not an anti-jack thing. >> i think jack is happy i'm back. >> i bet he probably is. >> his workday got 50% easier, no doubt about that. >> have to get away from the green screen. >> get out of my work space. >> it's a cloudy spot.
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a couple of hours. back to sunshine later in the day. talking about a serious rain chance on sunday. that redskins/cowboys game could be a very soggy affair. so keep that in mind. first thing on your thursday morning. cloudy skies with a couple of sprinkles this morning. these are not going to last long. here's future weather. a locket of rain and sprinkle chances may linger eastbound in the bay, maybe as late as 11:00. back to sunshine by 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon. temperatures in the 40s to 50 now. we'll go back into the upper 50s to around 60. we'll call it a b-plus kind of day today. afternoon highs around 62 degrees. as far as what to wear, need your jacket, your jeans and long sleeves. you can't find that umbrella. probably get away without it. a couple of sprinkles around. staying on the cool side. now it's time for melissa mollet. >> good morning, chuck bell. it's weird. i
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i keep thinking can i still do this? it's been a long time. taking a look at the beltway. no big issues. into town or out of town having a big problem. 95 northbound at 32. an animal struck. one lane is blocked there this morning. also in prince george's county, maryland 4, between forestville road and forest hill, some lanes blocked because of a work zone. that's hanging around. taking a look at 66 and 95, no big problems. i'll look into this. more details about a sex assault investigation along a popular jogging trail. prince george's county police thought they had a lead about a possible suspect who attacked a woman in bow i. but sources tell news 4 exclusively that the man they saw on surveillance video is not involved and is cooperating with poli.
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the neighborhood. that's coming up in a few minutes. we have an update on the barricade situation that ended in rockville. >> justin finch is live with details. >> eun, aaron, police are telling us this man had a six-month-old baby in his car and was refusing to be taken out. this happened on taft street and it is now over. we're learning more about what it involved and also this baby. back to you guys. justin, fathank you. we brought you this story yesterday morning. >> we're learning why the victims of a robbery may have been targeted. a man saw his 77-year-old mother and sister getting robbed at their home early yesterday morning and was shot when he tried to help them. the women work at a d.c. convenience store. they were coming home with the store earnings for the day. police say the suspects followed them and after the shooting took off and crashed their car near
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d.c. officers arrested one suspect, the other one escaped. >> i heard gunshots. pop, pop, pop. i didn't know it was my neighbor. i didn't know he was a hero. he chased the people down. >> investigators say the suspects knew the victims and targeted them. not sure what was taken at this point. the man shot was hit in the leg and will be okay. today it's the long awaited release of thousands of secret files related to the assassination of president john f. kennedy. 3,000 documents will be released to the public for the first time. other documents that have been previously released redactions will be release north dakota full. members of the intelligence community urged president trump to block the release, but he had no intention of doing that. now the controversial dossier of president trump. hillary clinton did not know about the research that
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into it until it was published online but she was disappointed that it was not made public earlier. meanwhi meanwhile, president trump pounced on the report that democrats helped fund that research. >> so it's made up and i understand they paid a tremendous amount of money and hillary clinton always denied it. the democrats always denied it. and now only because it's going to come out in a court case, they said yes they did it, admitted it and embarrassed by it. >> clinton's campaign and the democratic national committee said they didn't know they were paying for the research. the "washington post" say the republicans initiated the original research during the republican primary. they denied paying for it. after two years of captive board meetings and debate, a high school named for a confederate general will learn its new na
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name for jeb stuart high. one possibility gaining moment, justice high school. the astros win it 7-6. new this morning, as you wake up, the world series tied up after a battle that went into extra innings and late into the night. the astros came out on top after 11 innings. >> this is going to be a great series. each team has three runs by the time the regular nine innings ended. houston was the team that held on to win 7-6. both teams have the day off. the series shifts to houston for game 3. >> the astros haven't lost a game on their home turf at all during the post-season. this could be a good thing for them. >> and cooler. it's been really hot in l.a. concussions, they're more common for high school athletes. coming up, a game changing new treatment that could keep your children safe. plus, halloween is almost here. still ahead, we have tips for
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allergies while out trick-or-treating. as you step outside this morning, i think you'll need a jacket. it is chilly out there. we have a few sprinkles too. later on this afternoon, we stay cool and chillier tomorrow morning. some people might call it cold. we'll look at that forecast and what to expect for the weeke
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ralcandidate for'm governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
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new airport security measures in place. changes announced in summer after isis was able to smuggle explosives in laptops. one of president trump's biggest promises. >> ked line for parts of what could be the wall -- some of the prototypes. it won't be the wall president trump proposed as a candidate. he beat the odds and did
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impossible. now a rookie d.c. firefighter is home for the first time in nearly three months. a ladder truck hit firefighter dane smothers jr. in august at the scene of a row house fire in capitol hill. doctors initially did not think the firefighter wa survive. smothers thanked his doctors and fellow first responders when he left the rehabilitation hospital. he still has months of therapy ahead. but great to see him making all the progress he has. >> absolutely. he said and the fire chief said, their expectations are for him to come back to work. we hear about concussions all the time, especially in the nfl. what about the young kids in high school and even younger than that. >> doreen gentzler has a look at treatment that could change the game. nearly 2 million kids suffer concussions related to sports injuries
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there's not really much you can do to treat them. one local athlete has found something that really helps. spencer silverstein is the star quarterback for richard montgomery high school in rockville, maryland. last month he suffered a common injury during a game. >> what happened was i ran the ball and head on head collision when i got tackled. i didn't notice right away that i had anything. i actually threw a touchdown afterwards. then i came on to the sideline and i noticed i was losing vision in my left eye. >> spencer learned he had a concussion. there's not much you can do to treat concussions except rest. but spencer and his family are trying something else. >> let me know if you feel pressure or pain. >> for the past month he spent time in a hyperbaric chamber which delivers high doses of oxygen which he says is helping. doreen glents letter, news 4. that's an interesting treatment
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thought there is really nothing you can do. this hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the 100% oxygen under pressure. it is fda approved for 13 uses but not concussions. some people say it helps. coming up tonight at 5:00, doreen will show you video of results of a recent study that shows how hard the hits are. a lot of research going on. >> when you see the video, watch any game, college football, nfl. you see the -- >> the next app you download to your smartphone could help save somebody's life. d.c. activating the pulse point app today. it will alert you to someone within a quarter of a mile having a heart attack and needs help. it also shows you where the nearest defibrillators are located. one man says the app saved his life when a woman received an alert. >> the app she has is amazing. let's face it, we can't have a
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county. >> i was at the right place at the right time because of pulse point. you do not have to be certified in cpr to have it. >> prince george's and howard counties in maryland already have the app in use. a pretty tough loss for the wizards this morning after smack talk maybe. >> i really, really wanted to win especially after that trash talking. it was an overtime center in l.a. with a bit of a twitter war on their back. john wall and the crew couldn't pull out a win. >> never question them again. the wizards added fuel to his verbal fire tonight. >> did he say never question lavar ball again? this is what happened. the score was 102-99. lakers
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on the spot. wizards -- said john wall would torture him for 48 hours and wall said show no mercy. the people are putting pressure on lon zoe ball. he's a rookie. the pressure is on john wall. it's reverse. there was no pressure. if he loses, even though he was trash talking, they expect him to lose. they've been losing. he's a rookie. that's what i don't like. >> they had this exchange. meanwhile, they're in the locker room counting their money. >> the weather department couldn't careless about any of it. there's still 80 games left in the nba season. >> you just have two minutes. >> i have two minutes. that's all i have. i'm trying to stay out of twitter wars as well. temperatures are back in the 40s as you get your thursday morning started. a chillier start than the last couple of mornings. skies are mostly cloudy. there's a
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two. this persistent north to northwesterly wind will be with us for the morning. you can see there's no big area of rain impacting the area. but there's a little pocket of cold air aloft. as it's swinging overhead this morning, it is helping to generate clouds and where you see these little sprinkles or two, you may get a couple of drops. that's about it. bowie to bethesda, towards arlington right now. few drops near reagan national. few more drops near quantico. nothing heavy. this is literally going to be .01 inches of rain. it looks impressive on the high resolution computer model. it tends to be super sensitive. this is hinting at a chance for sprinkles around the area at most. cloudy skies lingering up through the morning, up to about lunchtime. most of the sprinkles will be gone by noon. it will be a quick return to sunshine thereafter. as a result, we'll get a decent warmup. 49 in
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started. you can see on the hour by hr planner,e back by late morning to early afternoon. it will stay breezy and cool today. the winds lay down, the skies are clear by early tomorrow morning. freeze warning in the shenandoah valley towards culpepper. the d.c. metro area under a frost advisory for early friday morning. temperatures down close to the freezing mark in the western and northern suburbs. a little milder. there could still be pockets of frost in and around the city. probably not in downtown washington or immediately by the bay. after a cold start early on your friday, temperatures warm back up rather nicely i would say. back to 67 degrees tomorrow. then on saturday, back up to close to 70 with increasing clouds. rain could add up to 2 inches or more in spots on sunday. that redskins/cowboys game will be a very rainy affair and then breezy and drier weather coming up on monday. sheena has
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what's coming up on halloween coming up. melissa mollet is here with the traffic. >> we haven't had much of a problem really. that's good. we have one new issue we're learning about in rockville. montrose road at east jefferson, crash reported. we're going to keep our eyes on that one. an animal hit and lanes blocked, all lanes open northbound and southbound. looking here at 95 from quantico to the beltway, no problems headed into town. same situation as you head out of town. take you about nine or ten minutes either way. no big deal there. travel times, 270 in maryland from 118 to the spur. top of the beltway from 95 over to 270, on time as well here this morning. taking a look at virginia, 66 inbound, fairfax county parkway, the beltway is fine. 95 north, quantico to the bewa
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aaron? >> melissa, thank you. from a quiet lunch to a crazy scene. a closer look at the moment a car slammed into a maryland restaurant and what's next for the people who were stuck inside. doug kammerer will be enjoying this beautiful fall weather at cox
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m mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. female narrator: what would john adams do to women's health? adams argued before the supreme court to give employers
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also supports giving employers the power to block access to affordable contraception for 1.6 million virginia women. and adams opposes abortion even in cases of rape, or incest. john adams: wrong for women's health. wrong for virginia. that woke you up, right? >>, yeah halloween is a time for families. so much fun. but can be a little scary. >> not just because of the costumes and decorations but what can happen if your child gets their hands on the wrong candy. chris lawrence tells you how to avoid allergic reactions. >> my little boy went from this to the e.r. in a matter of hours i all it took is one piece of
5:24 am
towards of end of our halloween party two years ago, he found a reese's peanut buttercup on the floor and ate it. >> my wife saw it first. >> he got really pale and dark circles under his eyes. it got worse and worse and worse. then he went into a full anaphylactic attack. >> for us, it was peanuts. but what else do parents need to look out for? >> it could be egg, it could be milk and that's if you worry about -- >> you'll notice something is wrong. >> any kind of swelling, particularly in the lips, in the throat. any shortness of breath. coughing. of course, a rash. >> some of the allergy warnings are only posted on the big bags. the little candies come out of. >> trick-or-treaters need to bring it all back home. >> it's worth it for parents to look it up. >> i'm resigned to hanging out at the snack table to ensure that he doesn't eat anything. >> he got hooke t
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shot with an epipen. we learned our lesson the hard way. >> it's never going to be the same. >> it can be scary. glad to see nico is doing okay. if you missed our other stories, you can find them in the nbc washington app. search ready for halloween. forget leaving a package on the porch, amazon is upgrading. the new program to make sure orders end up inside your home. one company is making a mission to find -- how do you find out what your pet is thinking. how do they think they're going to do it. that's still ahead. eun, you can't tell what your dog is thinking? >> i'm interested to know what that says by the way. temperatures on the chilly side. 40s in many of
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we'll look at that forecast and what to expec
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now at 5:29. grab your jacket and bundle up. a chilly morning all across our area. we have a storm team 4 forecast for you. plus, wild video from inside a restaurant as a car slammed
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into it. we talk to its owner about what's next for this neighborhood favorite. >> a mission to make our roads safer and smarter. how new traffic lights could ease congestion on the areas that drive you crazy every morning. there's so many areas that drive us crazy every morning. especially the roads. >> let it go. 5:30 just about now on this -- what is it? thursday morning. >> yes, thursday. >> good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. if you think it's a little chilly out there. you're going to be glad you're not dealing with this. i'm not going to say what it is. this is coming down in west virginia. it was coming down in -- would you like to say it? >> snowshoe. call it what it is. >> it's not too unusual for this time of year. it hurts me a little bit to see
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>> let's get closer to where we are right now. >> goodness, gracious. >> our local forecast and a look at the commute, melissa mollet back from maternity leave. >> let's begin with sheena parveen outside on the weather deck. no snow out there. >> no, my goodness, no. no snow at all. it is chilly enough out here to where you do need a jacket this morning. if you are walking outside this morning and you don't have your jacket and you're standing at the bus stop or wherever you're going, i think you'll regret it. even through this afternoon, it might be cool enough to hang on to your jacket. here's a look at the radar. aside from the cool temperatures, we're dealing with sprinkles. this is not a big deal. this is not heavy rain. shouldn't cause any issues on the roads. but i think you'll see sprinkles around the district. in prince george's county, seeing the sprinkles that continues in virginia. we're in the 40s in the suburbs. 47 dulles. 48 leesburg. 51 degrees washington. 49 in clinton.
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morning will be colder than this morning. remember that, too. we'll keep reminding you, of course. throughout the day, thursday commute looking nice and dry. developing sunshine. you'll see the clouds once the sun comes up. more sunshine. only in the low 60s this afternoon. speaking of the commute, we have the wonderful, beautiful melissa mollet that we've all missed for so long. she's back. good morning, melissa. >> sheena, thank you. so good. when i was about to lose my mind. outbound, new york avenue. have new work zone popped up. left lane is blocked. as you can see the beltway looking quite good. nice and green this morning. in rockville, though. montrose road at east jefferson street. still have the crash hanging around there in rockville. 95 north at 32. the lanes have reopened. no further worries. in maryland, 95 in virginia, looking good. not bad. 24 minutes is what it's going
5:32 am
eun? >> thank you, melissa. out of nowhere a bang so loud, one officer dining at a tavern instinctively reached for his gun. >> but it wasn't a gun. it was a car. it slammed through the wall of the upper marlboro tavern during -- the day before yesterday. you can see in the video here. this is surveillance video. what went from a normal day turned into ten people being injured during the impact. the owner, he's law enforcement. his concern, the well-being of his employees. >> there's several of them that are hurt. the rest of them aren't going to have employment for maybe a year. i don't know. they have nothing. >> police are still investigating why the car crashed into the building. >> the woman driving told authorities that her brakes went out. the scene is still being investigated further. >> here's a look at other top stories. you' l
5:33 am
of an overnight robbery and chase. three men are in custody right now after robbing the cvs store around 11:30. they tried to ditch the car at rock creek parkway. the naval observatory where the vice president lives. his offices are located there as well. take a close look at your screen. there's a silver alert for this man missing from bethesda. won soo yim left his home yesterday afternoon driving a 2012 black nissan sentra with maryland tags. the tag number 7 da 5239. prince george's county police are hoping to learn more information about a sex assault in bowie monday night. police thought they had a lead on a suspect. but sources exclusively tell news 4 the man police saw on surveillance camera near the crime scene was
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the fairfax county school board will vote on a new name for jeb stuart high school. one possible name that's gaining momentum, justice high school. we're getting new numbers in the race for governor of virginia. a poll from hampton university showing republican ed gillespie with an 8-point lead over democrat ed northam. he's up in the poll. this is the second poll to show gillespie ahead in the race. the poll has a margin of error -- voters head to the poll on november 7th. traffic signals in maryland are getting an upgrade. justin finch is in the newsroom with details. >> the long awaited -- governor larry hogan rolling out a $50 million plan for new smart signals. they'll use real time traffic conditions to adjust timings. our news partners at
5:35 am
they will ease congestion for 700,000 drivers a day on 14 major corridors. here's a look at one set to come into the area. maryland 228, charles county, parts of route 301 in charles and prince george's counties and maryland 202 in landover. you'll also see the signals on maryland 108 in olney. the signals will go in over the next year and that is the latest now from the newsroom. back to you guys. thank you justin. new express lanes coming to a road near you. which e-zpass is best for your commute. we'll break it down to save you a few bucks. becoming an eagle scout is an accomplishment for anyone. we'll show you why it's more incredible with these triplets. what they've overcome together hi reach ts momentous goal.
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m mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. female narrator: what would john adams do to women's health? adams argued before the supreme court to give employers control over your access to birth control. adams also supports giving employers the power to block access to affordable contraception for 1.6 million virginia women. and adams opposes abortion even in cases of rape, or incest. john adams: wrong for women's health. wrong for virginia. ralcandidate for'm governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians.
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former first lady. michelle obama was near the trail was out for a walk. i'm sure she didn't want the cameras following her as she was trying to hang out. >> just like you. >> no one does that with me. >> yeah, they do. >> it's always at the worst moments too. please don't. >>
5:39 am
they did it all. whitewater rafting, knot tying, zip lining, archery, first raid, everything. >> triplets, leo, nick and steven cantos, of arlington, virginia, mastered every badge required to become eagle scouts and they did it without being able to see. >> you just saw a whole lot of people cheering on the cantos triplets as they received their eagle scout emblems. tears filled many eyes as their adoptive father pinned on the emblems. a former high-level department of justice official and white house staffer who is also blind met the triplets when they were 11. he found them living a life of fear, rarely going outside. >> they have recognized the fact that, contrary to their earlier years when they were
5:40 am
worth anything by other kids, they now, they now know with an absolute certainty, not only do they have inherent priceless value, but so does everybody else. >> what a message. >> i tell you, right? so powerful. becoming an eagle scout is a significant accomplishment. i've never been a boy scout. i know this is a huge deal. fewer than 4% of those who enter scouting actually become eagle scouts. these triplets favorite part of their achievement was the community service project. it allowed them to help those less fortunate than they are. >> giving back. what an example they set. the inspiration just seeing those -- oh, my goodness. i love this story so much. >> it's on our website too. check it out if you want to see more from the story and hear more from the dad. >> you're going to have a good day after that. chuck? >> yes indeed. i love that story. getting ready to put it on my facebook page as well. if you
5:41 am
something wrong with you. we are dealing with chilliness and a chance for frosty and freezing cold temperatures coming up tomorrow morning. that's tomorrow morning. that's set the stage for a chilly start to your friday as well. more importantly, there could be significant amounts of rain on your sunday. sheena has the ten-day forecast and a peek at the halloween forecast. >> good morning. sounds like a puffy coat day tomorrow. >> the beltway, have a crash there. lk about thatta
5:42 am
they brought their fiercest one by oparty game.uts came. but under the moon they met their doom far too soon. get your spooky donuts or ten munchkins for $1.99 at dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'.
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. a freeze on friday. check of the forecast coming right up. we have to make sure drivers understand the new rules of the road. new express lanes about to open. using them may make your drive confusing. what to know to get the best
5:45 am
do you know now we deliver here? amazon put alexa in our homes. now delivery drivers could be coming inside. the special key to make sure your packages stay safe. they develop the cameras that feed your pet when you're out. now its new mission to learn the language of our four-legged friends. but now at 5:45. the impact of the growing opioid crisis. chances are you know at least one person touched by the drug epidemic. >> new numbers show it's getting worse and claiming more victims. maryland's department much health says in the first six months of this year, 203 more people died from overdoses than in that period in 2016. >> 68% of this year's deaths are related to fentanyl. >> this isn't isolated to maryland, of course. drug overdoses in virginia up 15% in the first quarter of this year. ovse
5:46 am
>> what has saved so many lives is narcan. you can buy it from walgreens without a prescription. most cvs stores already sell. >> on capitol hill, tracie potts, the president is going to talk about the opioid crisis today. is he going to declare this a national emergency? >> maybe not. as of this morning, usa today is reporting from people familiar with the announcement that the president will stop short of declaring it a national emergency like in a hurricane and declare it a public health emergency like bird flu. there is a big difference in the money that is thrown at this problem based on what he calls it. also how that money can be used. if it's a public health emergency, what states may be able to do is shift federal funds into different areas. if it's a national emergency there's a lot more money that would go into it. but the indication this morning is that the president m
5:47 am
short of doing just that. the other thing that we're watching is whether or not other drug agencies, the dea, samhsa and others that deal with this issue are loose -- there are reports that they're not aware what the president will say when he makes that speech. governors and lawmakers and advocates this afternoon. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. former president george h.w. bush is apologizing this morning after he was accused of touching someone behind at a photo-op. heather linda cuesed him of telling a dirty joke. he offered an explanation for what happened saying since the former president is, quote, confined to a wheelchair, his arm falls on the lower waist of people he takes pictures with. sources say the former president bush sincerely apologizes. now to a news 4 i-team investigation, an increase in
5:48 am
hidden crime which preys upon women in public. scott macfarlane and the i-team found there's a sharp and sudden spike in cases of upskirting in our area. >> reporter: you might have heard of upskirting, men secr secretly taking pictures of women up women's clothing and keeping or sharing the pictures. they've hit d.c. metro stations, women going up he escalators or trains. there's a 50% spike in cases just in 2015 and we found these cases spread well beyond transit stations to shopping centers and outdoor restaurants. our recent victim spoke to us. >> you can say something to the person but he's left with a creepy sort of feeling. a lot of victims are left with terrible feelings. >> tonight as part of our full investigation on news 4 at 11:00, what police say you should do to better protect yourself and we take you inside the phones to show you
5:49 am
app they use to hide the pictures once taken. scott macfarlane, news 4 i-team. we are tracking breaking news out of indonesia. word of a fire crashinger -- fire in indonesia. this is a huge fire emerging in that area. this is indonesia in the western outskirts of jakarta. 23 people killed, dozens injured. we are told from police that it appears an explosion was triggered inside that factory. it's a huge fire that we're seeing. the injured taken to three areas. this is an explosion that turned into a fire at a firecracker factory. we're staying on top of this. this factory opened a few months ago. about 50 employees working there. already reports of 23 people dead and that number could
5:50 am
>> justin, thank you. it's 5:50 now. tom enz weiller is a public health advocate and says another hour of daylight would improve people's health. they're looking at whether the state should jump an hour ahead and be in the atlantic time zone. the state would effectively run on all year daylight saving time. >> just massachusetts? >> stlnt a state that -- arizona doesn't do daylight saving time. >> that's coming up. fyi. it's november 4th i believe. >> look at you. >> i have it written down in a book. >> we fall back. so we gain an hour of sleep. >> then it's darker earlier. >> i don't like that. >> i don't either. >> i don't like it at all. >> i'll take the sleep. >> we go to bed so early. it helps. >> however, it
5:51 am
to bed any earlier. >> normal people who work 9:00 to 5:00, i don't like the darker earlier. >> we're dealing with -- it's chilly enough where you need a jacket. your morning commute, we have a few sprinkles out there. not a big deal. it's going to be chilly, cool and dry this afternoon. if you're exercising, great weather today. 51 washington, 48 leesburg. 49 manassas and clinton, 51 quantico. here's the radar. so, again, this is not heavy rain. we have a few sprinkles in parts of loudon county, northern virginia and around of the district. up near frederick and near the district. mainly prince george's county, still seeing the sprinkles, heading towards annapolis. we're going to keep that in the forecast. otherwise, colder temperatures tomorrow morning. we have a frost advisory for everybody for friday morning. ou
5:52 am
you might want to cover them up. especially near winchester, martinsburg. these areas closer to the shenandoah valley. freeze warning overnight and tomorrow morning. exercise today, by lunchtime in the 50s. by 5:00 p.m., low 60s. grilling forecast as we go into the weekend. 67 sunday. a rainy sunday for the redskins game with temperatures only in the upper 50s. that's going to be a cold rain on sunday. looks like an all day thing. the good news, it looks good and cool and dry for halloween. let's check traffic with melissa mollet. welcome back, melissa. good to see you. >> thank you, thank you. have a new problem to pass along, unfortunately. southbound bw parkway. south of the beltway. here is the probableproblem. 295 southbound near the overpass where the crash is. the right shoulder was getting by. the northbound response is
5:53 am
there may be a closure here in the future. we're going to keep an eye on it. we're sending chopper 4 that way as we speak. northbound 270 at montrose road. a crash at 270. looking pretty good northbound and southbound overall i would say. rockville, montrose road at east jefferson street, still have that crash reported. southbound bladensburg rote, road repairs. keep an eye on this problem at bw parkway for an update in just a minute. eun? melissa, thank you. it's 5:53. virginia department of transportation calls it a mad push to campaign to prepare commuters to rush hour tolling on 66. it begins in less than two months. v-dot learned that many drivers that travel on 66 don't have the proper transponder. you're going to need one soon, early december. morning rush hour tolling starts. if you travel alone, the basic one will do. if you regularly travel with t
5:54 am
you'll want an e-zpass flex. that allows to you flip the switch and travel the express lanes for free. the problem is you have to know do you need an e-zpass or do you need the transponder -- >> the flex. >> when do you turn off the thing and are you going to remember to. if you don't, will you be charged because you're carpooling. >> and don't forget to do the hokie pokey and turn yourself around. amazon wants to make sure the gifts don't get stolen. it's rolling out a new service in which drivers virtually unlock your home and leave your package inside. >> people are on the fence about this one. >> it's amazon key. you're going to give the company a virtual key to your home. prime customers will need a smart lock and amazon's cloud cam. the consumer is notified when the delivery person arrives using a one-time code to unlock the door. as they drop off the package inside, the delivery is recorded
5:55 am
now, just because you're a prime customer, the drivers won't just go into your house without notice. you do have to give them permission first. i think the recording thing does give you some peace of mind, you're watching it happen. >> i hope so. amazon thinks it will cut down on stolen packages, especially around the holidays. if that's something that interests you. >> 11 million packages were stolen. 11 million. that was in 2016 when you think about that number, maybe they wanted to do something to stop it. this next story will get into your dog's head. landon dowdy at cnbc. piqued our interest, landon. >> aaron, eun. if that is not a tease, i don't know what is. listen to this. startup called tech cube is developing machine learning software to help people understand what their pets are trying to tell them. pet cube is known for wi-fi connective cameras allowing users to watch their pets at home through a smartphone app and upload the videos through so
5:56 am
product development and working on technology to analyze all of the video to predict pet behavior and possibly even prevent health problems. another way to get to know what your sdog going to tell you. >> honestly -- >> we're going to be having conversations with our pets before you know it. >> humans actually speak to you and can't figure out what they're thinking. >> what they're feeling. >> thank you, landon. we've been talking about a chill in the air this morning. it's time to start thinking about coats. >> there are a lot of people who don't have the coats and it does get colder out there. there's operation warm coats drive happening in stafford. molette green is there with the big effort. molette, good morning. >> if you look behind me, it's all hands-on deck at the bree afire station number 12 in stafford county. lots of sorting of brand new
5:57 am
in the county in need. those who are on a morning like this, when you need a warm coat, it's not so easy to find one. that's what's going on right here. we're going to talk to this fire department and some of the helpers throughout the 6:00 hour. the fire department is doing something that a lot of fire stations haven't been able to do. they're among the best in the station. that's coming up in the 6:00 hour. >> great effort. we'll check back in wurks molette. one of the best tools to calm a fussy baby. a recall from fisher-price. a warning to parents and what you should do next. breaking news overnight. the crime that led police steps away from the vice president's home. >> reporter: police sources say a person of interest in a bow i sexual assault is not vooinvolv. the search for the suspect continues.
5:58 am
5:59 am
door to door warning now. a sex assault on a neighborhood trail. police release a picture of a person of interest. back on his feet. a firefighter's amazing story of survival. the new steps he's taking from a long road to recovery.
6:00 am
no good. los angeles lakers have stunned the washington wizards here. >> what a bummer. what the social media taunting begin. you know what's going to happen. if you couldn't see the wizards game in l.a. it was a late-night battle that came down to the final seconds. the game didn't even start until 10:30. but we are still starting on a high note this morning. >> yes. >> with the return of miss melissa mollet. >> thank you, i missed you too. i'm not a puddle. isn't this amazing. >> i can lose my mind. >> right on time. >> face time with the babe at 7:00. >> do we have pictures? >> of course. >> so much. >> can't have a baby without baby pictures. >> it was so nice being home with them and spending this time together and getting everybody


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